With our MSTR tear trough and Rhinoplasty advanced dermal filler course, you will learn how to deliver professional Tear Trough treatments using the cannula method. We teach this method as it holds several advantages over needles.

It is more flexible and creates less bruising and swelling for the client. You will also learn how to deliver non-surgical Rhinoplasty treatments via needle. This technique allows us to carefully place small amounts of dermal fillers to contour areas of the nose. This gives an enhanced look and promises good results by making the nose look slimmer from front profile and straight from the side profile with minimal downtime.

Our Initial online training can be completed from the comfort of your own workplace or home. This will give you a good background knowledge in a range of modules, and a good base from which you can increase your understanding of these subjects. An online MSTR multichoice exam to be completed and with a 95% pass rate before you will attend practical training at the accredited MSTR Academy.

This is where you will put your knowledge with theory and learning of practical skills of administering dermal fillers on live models, all overseen by your expert tutors. All practical training facilitated at the MSTR Academy will result in a fully accredited CPD certification handed out at the end of class.


✓ Facial proportions and the ageing process
✓ Treatment areas
✓ Filler depths
✓ Product knowledge
✓ Managing expectations
✓ Injection techniques specific to cannula
✓ Product Knowledge
✓ Complications
✓ Client suitability and consultation
✓ Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects


✓ 2 live models per student (2 Tear Trough, 2 Rhinoplasty)

Course Duration: 
(1) 20 hours online per-study theory
(2) Online multichoice exam 
(3) 1 day in-house training 

Before purchasing this MSTRclass, please read the terms and conditions further down this page.


Terms & Conditions

✓ All of our courses are fully CPD accredited and we aim to provide the highest standard of education.​

✓ Once your course is booked all payments are non-refundable.​

✓ You have until the date you’ve booked your practical training to complete your online theory and exam. If you fail to pass the online exam before this date you will be moved to the next available practical course day.

✓ If you fail to attend your practical training without providing us sufficient notice time (48 hours) you will not be provided with an alternative date of training or refund.

✓ It is your responsibility to ensure the correct pre-qualifications (non-medics phlebotomy + level 3 anatomy & physiology) are met ahead of attending your training course. This will allow you to become successfully insured after completing the course.

✓ MSTR will try to provide models for the day of training, however if you are able to provide your own models this would be beneficial.

✓ Not all students will be guaranteed to pass the practical training day. If we feel students will gain more from attending a second course date this would be an extra charge to the student of 50% of the course price.

✓ MSTR will only pass students that they feel will be confident to leave the academy to go and start injecting clients on the areas covered on practical training day.

You will be guided through every movement of the needle, from entry points to depth and pressure.

We guarantee you will produce beautiful results on the day and leave feeling confident, ready to showcase your content & win new clients! ⁣

All our Training Courses are held at the Brentwood Clinic

MSTR Academy FAQs

Can I get my insurance after joining your course?

At the end of every MSTR course a pack will be handed out with all the information of recommended insurance companies to use so that you can get fully insured.

Where can I purchase dermal filler from?

At MSTR we delighted to offer wholesale service on a variety of dermal filler products.

Are your courses accredited?

Yes, all our courses are fully CPD accredited (no.#777889)

How do I pay for my course? Do you offer finance?

We offer flexible payment plans so you have the option to pay in full, or alternatively in instalments of 3 x monthly payments (0% interest).

Will I learn how to deal with procedure complications?

Yes, we’ve got you covered! Our practical courses teach this as standard so that you will be fully insured to use hyaluronidase once you leave, and have lifetime access to a digital learning resource reminding you of everything we teach so you always have something to hand.

Is there parking at the training centre?

Yes we have parking outside our training centre, or alternatively there is free parking close by if our carpark is full. Click here to see on maps.

Are You Ready To Join Us?

Before purchasing this MSTRclass, please read the terms and conditions on this page.


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