Level 7



About The Course

✓ Starts at £3499 (if you have basic and advanced Botox and filler)
✓ If you don’t we add an additional £700 on top to train you in what you are missing:
£3499 + £700 for advanced Botox and £700 for advanced fillers


You will Learn:
* Analysing, synthesising and summarising information critically
* The ability to read and use appropriate literature with a full and critical understanding the ability to think independently and solve problems
* Apply subject knowledge and understanding to address familiar and unfamiliar problems
* Recognise the moral and ethical issues of aesthetics practice and research; appreciating the need for ethical standards and professional codes of conduct
* An appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of aesthetics industry
* Adaptability to changes in the aesthetics environment
* Capacity to give a clear and accurate account of a subject, assemble arguments in a mature way

Mandatory Units:

✓ Legal and regulatory requirements in Aesthetic Practice
✓ Professional Standards within Aesthetic Practice
✓ Working Collaboratively with Healthcare Professionals
✓ Anatomy, Physiology and Morphology of the Ageing Face
✓ Skin Micro-needling and Chemical Peels

Course Format:

✓ Course Duration: 158 hour course
✓ Observational Learning
✓ Educator demonstration & explanation
✓ Practical Workshops
✓ Hands on learning with tutor demonstration and explanations

Terms & Conditions

✓ All of our courses are fully CPD accredited and we aim to provide the highest standard of education.​

✓ Once your course is booked all payments are non-refundable.​

✓ If you fail to attend your practical training without providing us sufficient notice time (48 hours) you will not be provided with an alternative date of training or refund.

✓ It is your responsibility to ensure the correct pre-qualifications are met ahead of attending your training course. This will allow you to become successfully insured after completing the course.

✓ MSTR will try to provide models for the day of training, however if you are able to provide your own models this would be beneficial.

✓ Not all students will be guaranteed to pass the practical training day. If we feel the student will gain more from attending a second course date this would be an extra charge to student of 30% of the course price.

✓ MSTR will only pass students they feel will be confident to leave the academy to go and start injecting clients on the areas covered during the practical training day.


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